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Bay in the way?

Similar dimensions…

Ever noticed how the gardens of many terraced houses have very similar dimensions? That 1.5 metre gap between the front garden wall and the bay window, and the 0.9 metre space from the neighbouring garden side to the window’s edge – it’s almost a standard blueprint.

But here’s the hitch: it’s a tight fit for bikes, which average around 1.8 meters in length. Or is it? Enter the game-changer – a shed that’s not confined to a rectangular shape but features a nifty angled cutout to make use of the leftover triangular space. Voila! Suddenly, that seemingly cramped 1.5m x 0.9m area transforms into something bigger, extending the shed’s width to a roomy 2 metres or more. Hello, bike storage paradise!

We build a lot of ‘bay’ sheds and we’ve created a way to add it as standard on our configurator. If your space includes a bay window, select a Classic bike shed and add the bay as an ‘Add-on’. You should choose it as a Right Side ‘Add-on’ if the bay window is to the right when looking at your bike shed, or a Left Side ‘Add-on’ is it is to the left when facing your shed.

So don’t think of that bay window as an obstacle. We’ve got the solution tailored just for you!

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