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Bay in the way?

So many terraced houses with angled bays seem to have a similar layout, with a 1.5m gap between the front garden wall and the front of the bay window. And 0.9m is typical between the neighbouring garden side and the edge of the front window.

This gives a footprint of 1.5m width x 0.9m depth, not enough for bikes, which are around 1.8m in length. Except it is enough if the triangular space left over is used up. This often extends the overall width of the shed to 2m or more. Plenty for bikes!

We have been building increasing numbers of ‘bay’ sheds, which are a bespoke version of our Classic. If you have a bay in the way of a standard Classic bike shed just drop us an email and we’ll send a guide on measuring up your bay space (it’s not hard to get right) and we’ll send a quotation. Generally the cost is around 5% more than an equivalent sized Classic.

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