Ready to order?

  1. Measure your space (pay extra care to measure just the usable, unobstructed space available)
  2. Choose your style (classic, slot-in or vertical), size (1,2,3,4,5 or 6 bikes), cladding and roof option
  3. Decide on whether you want the installation option (london, brighton and south east and selected mainland areas only)
  4. Purchase a bike shed from the products pages

We’ll take care of the rest!

You’ll receive:

  1. Confirmation of order
  2. Approximate delivery date / installation dates to chose from (if selected)

Your bike shed will be ready to use within 20-30 working days –

Measuring your space

We have designed our bike sheds to be as compact as possible to fit into the tightest spaces, but without making them awkward to use. Please do carefully check the given dimensions of the bike sheds against the dimensions of your space before ordering online. If space is tight you should ensure that there is a clear space of at least 50mm or 2″ on both sides and there is at least 80 cm of space in front of the doors to allow them to open fully.

Front Gardens

Our Classic Bike Sheds are most suitable for front gardens. They are all 2m wide (unless a bespoke size) and no more than 2.2 metres high even with a green roof. The most practical solution is to site the shed at right angles to the house, with the double doors opening towards the front path. So the important dimension to check is the distance between bay window and front fence/wall.

Back Gardens

There is usually more space available in back gardens but still check dimensions if you have drains, manhole covers, trees or other obstacles to work around!

Bespoke orders

We love building bespoke versions of our bike sheds and associated products.

If you want a made to measure bike shed just email us with photos, drawings (a rough sketch is fine), measurements and your postcode or fill out the bespoke order form, here.

Examples have included: a standard Classic bike shed with a side extension for 3 recycling boxes; a Slot-in shed with a log store built along one side wall; a Vertical bike shed with a maintenance canopy. We’ll provide a full quotation to create exactly what you want.