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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I visualise my shed in situ?

    Using the configurator create the ideal shed for your needs and the space you have available.

    Then click on the AR (Augmented Reality) tool to visualise it in your space. The symbol is as below.

    You just need to scan the QR code using your phone camera, and follow the prompts.


    And use the share button to send a link of the final configuration to family or friends.

  • Measuring your Space

    We have designed our bike sheds to be as compact as possible so that they fit into the tightest spaces, whilst being spacious inside with easy access. Please carefully check the given dimensions of the bike sheds against the dimensions of your space before ordering online. If your preferred space is tight you should make sure that there is some wriggle room (of ~5cm) on both sides with at least 80cm of space in front of the doors to allow them to open fully.

    If there are obstacles or you have any doubts about the space and fit, just email us or send a bespoke enquiry with a few pictures of your site. Remember, we can easily accommodate small tweaks to the standard sizes if required and won’t charge you any extra for this. We build a lot of Classics that are 1.8-1.9m wide and these still fit most bikes.

  • Roof Overhang

    Please also be aware that the roof has a 40mm overhang on the left, right and front (Classic/Slot-in) and a 40mm overhang on left, right and back (Vertical). There is a 70mm gutter on the back of the Classic and Slot-in and on the front of the Vertical units. This is not an issue if the overhang/gutter is above, for example, a low wall. But if the shed is going against another structure there would need to be an allowance made for this when preparing the base.

    For example, if the shed is going against a brick wall on the right, the right hand edge of the base would start 50-60mm away from the brick wall (which will allow for the 40mm overhang, and give 10-20mm clearance). If a Classic is to stand with its back against a tall fence then the back edge of the base would be sited 80-90mm away from the fence, giving 10-20mm clearance to the 70mm gutter. If you have any doubts, a picture says a thousand words. Just snap a quick pic or two and email along with some key dimensions.

  • Front Gardens

    Our Classics are suitable for front gardens. They are all 2m wide (unless a bespoke size) and no more than 1.4m high, even with a green roof. The most practical solution is to locate the shed at right angles to the house, with the double doors opening towards the front path. For this the important dimension to check is the distance between the bay windowsill and front fence/wall.

    Vertical units are generally too tall for front gardens (although we have installed in some front gardens where the shed tucks in behind either tall planting or hedges). Slot-in units are 1.5m tall and are suitable for medium/large front gardens. We can also reduce the front height of a Slot-in to 1.4/1.3m for smaller front gardens.

    Plus height Classic units can work in larger front gardens, especially if up against a tall fence or hedge.

    All our bin-sheds are suitable for front gardens.

  • Back Gardens

    There is usually more space available in back gardens but please do still check the dimensions if you have drains, manhole covers, trees or other obstacles to work around!

    Vertical, Slot-in and Plus height units are all suitable for back gardens.

  • Site Preparation

    If there are branches or protruding foliage behind or above the site, please clear these prior to the installation. Especially ivy, as this has a habit of finding its way into all timber structures.

    Our sheds rely on a solid and level base to fit together successfully. If the base has been correctly levelled, the shed will fit together without any problems. Slight slopes on otherwise perfectly solid paving are also acceptable, see ‘Sloped sites’ below for more info.

    We do not recommend the following as a base: gravel, soil, grass, ‘astro’, old or uneven decking/paving, or any mix of these. If your site is currently any of these we recommend it be replaced with a solid base.

  • Sloped Sites

    Gentle drainage slopes of 1-3cm

    If the area intended for installation is already paved with a slight slope for drainage, our sheds can be installed directly on that, because the rubber feet we use can be adjusted between 1-3cm.

    Slopes of 3-8cm

    If the slope is in the 3-8cm range (total drop across shed width), please advise us of this and we’ll install additional timbers to level the shed base (this will be included as part of the installation service). If you are self assembling, you’ll need to source the extra timber as required.

    Slopes of 8-20cm

    If the site is substantially sloping with falls of over 8cm (total drop across shed width) this will require the installation of a level plinth. We advise this is constructed by others in shuttered concrete (in advance of the shed delivery/installation), but we can also offer a timber plinth, quoted  on a case by case basis. On the day of installation we construct a level timber plinth and then clad across the front and side in matching cladding. If you want a quote please email us at info@brightonbikesheds.co.uk with some images/dimensions.

    Slopes of over 20cm

    If the slope has falls of over 20cm (total drop across  shed width) we would recommend that you work with a local builder or handyman to install a level concrete plinth or decked/paved platform.


  • Bespoke Orders

    We love building bespoke versions of our bike sheds and associated products!

    If you want a made to measure bike shed just email us with photos, drawings (a rough sketch is fine), measurements and your postcode or fill out the bespoke order form, here.

    We’ll provide an estimate to create exactly what you want. In general, the closer to one of our core products the more cost effective this will be.

Things to consider when ordering your shed






Classic Bike Shed

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Slot-in Bike Shed

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Hang your bikes vertically side by side

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