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Eco Policy

It’s our planet and we all share a responsibility
for protecting it for future generations.

Brighton Bike Sheds is an ecologically aware company. We love the planet and aim to minimise the impact our business has on the environment in all our actions. We achieve this in the following ways:


We use responsible suppliers, that source certified sustainable materials, preferably from within the UK. We use only sustainably sourced timber from the UK, or imported by sea from Canada and Scandinavia.

Waste Minimisation

We separate construction waste streams for recycling and minimise waste where possible by ordering optimal timber lengths.

Environmental Care

We take care of all on-site vegetation, wildlife and water tables.

Water Conservation

We design our bike sheds so that they can be used for rainwater harvesting and our green roofs are drought tolerant.

Green Roofs

The green roof can help delay run-off from stormwater. The vegetation can help to reduce local pollution and urban heat island effect, as well as providing a habitat for wildlife.


Other bike sheds age prematurely while Brighton Bike Sheds have been designed to last – we guarantee it. Long lasting products not only represent better value, they also reduce the need to consume additional energy in manufacturing and transportation and the drain on raw materials.

Pollutant Reduction

A good bike shed which keeps your bikes safe and dry right where you need them will soon mean the car rarely gets a run out. As well as being quicker (during rush hour), healthier and cheaper than driving, cycling is also 100% greener, saving 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually (per 10,000 miles/year). Not to mention carbon monoxide, sulphur oxides, hydrocarbons and fine particulates resulting from the internal combustion engine.

Brighton Bike Sheds are not only a great place for storing your bikes, they are also kinder to the environment.

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