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Security is fundamental to every product we make.
We build security in layer by layer as standard.




Our hinges are heavy duty galvanised T-hinges fitted externally using security ‘one-way’ screws. T-hinges are extremely sturdy and do a great job in supporting the considerable weight of the doors. The security clutch screws used to fix the hinges can only be tightened, never loosened.



A secure long-throw bolt is fitted internally. Turning the key extends a hardened steel bolt across the back of the internally bolted door. The locks come with a set of 4 security keys and the key-holes are finished with a circular key plate.


Drop Bolts

On double doored sheds, such as all Classics, 4-6 bike Slot-ins or 4-6 bike Verticals, the left-hand door bolts shut at the top and bottom. This firmly secures the left door before the right-hand door closes, and both doors lock. We use 100mm heavy duty galvanised bolts.



Timber cladding is firmly nailed on in three rows. Removal of it is made impossible by the roof overhang, which clamps the cladding in place around the top. Slatted cladding is given an additional run of lost head screws alongside the existing screws to avoid the prising off of slats. The doors are given an extra layer of fixings and are nailed through the back and front. In addition, slatted doors are given two rows of lost head screws.

Over-hang on roof: the roof extends over the doors by 40mm, which is enough to make it impossible to manoeuvre a crow-bar or similar tool behind the doors.



Internal second-line security is covered by our SecureBar, a 32mm thick galvanised steel bar which is drilled into the frame on the back wall inside the shed. It would require power tools to cut through it. The bar is easy to lock bikes on to with your U-locks, or a 2m or 1.8m long motorcycle type chain running through all the bikes inside (or best of all, a combination of both). The SecureBar is a standard feature fitted on all our sheds.




Options to enhance the security of your shed even further


At the cart/checkout you can currently add our two most popular security upgrades: a second door lock on the main door, and a 2m long chain to use inside the shed.

Additionally, we now stock the following items and can quote to add them to your shed (just email your request):

  1. Alarm with a motion sensor, battery operated with a remote fob. Loud at 125DB and a great deterrent for those night prowlers. £68.00 fitted.
  2. Steel mesh on the inside of the doors. A galvanised mesh with 25mm holes fixed to the door frames internally. £246.00 fitted (pair of doors).



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