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The Range

Each shed is handmade with care in our workshops
and backed with a service to match.

Bike Sheds

Classic Bike Shed

Compact and ideal for front gardens

Slot-in Bike Shed

Roll your bikes in and out

Vertical Bike Shed

Hang your bikes vertically side by side

Cargo Bike Shed

Ideal for large sized bikes

Bin Sheds

Wheelie Bin Shed

Free standing wheelie bin storage

Recycling Box Shed

A standalone unit, designed for the storage of 2, 4 or 6 recycling boxes

Other sheds

Wood Shed

A standalone unit, designed for the storage of firewood

Veg Box Shed

The ultimate outdoor holding area for all food deliveries to your home

Parcel Drop Shed

The classic red post box reimagined for simple and safe parcel deliveries to your home

Customise your Shed

To complement our standard product range we offer a variety of add-ons and options to increase the functionality of your shed.

Side Storage

Maximise your shed storage space

Bin Storage

Conceal your garden bins

Log Store

Store your winter logs away neatly

Bay Window

For a snug fit around bay windows

Plus Height

Increase height & add a handy shelf

Reverse Pitch Roof

Higher back and lower front

Looking for a bin storage solution?

Designed for between 2 and 6 wheelie bins, our new range of free standing wheelie bin storage is available in four cladding options and can be finished with either a green or felt roof. Log stores or parcel safe add-ons are available for extra functionality.

The perfect storage for hiding away your bins

Standalone bin sheds for 2-6 bins, available in a range of cladding and different roof options. Plus add-ons.

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Configure the ideal shed to store your bikes, logs, bins and more.

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