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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer bike sheds for kids bikes, scooters or foldable bikes?

    Our Wood Shed range can be adapted by simply adding a lock to cart after configuring. The M or L sizes (108cm wide and 144cm wide) are like mini Classic bike sheds. Instead of logs just add small bikes!

  • How can I visualise my shed in situ?

    Using the configurator create the ideal shed for your needs and the space you have available.

    Then click on the AR (Augmented Reality) tool to visualise it in your space. The symbol is as below.

    You just need to scan the QR code using your phone camera, and follow the prompts.


    And use the share button to send a link of the final configuration to family or friends.

  • What does the Full Installation package cost?

    Our Full Installation package is £316. Units larger than 5 cubic metres are subject to additional installation charges and these are calculated at checkout.

    If you are ordering a bespoke product further installation costs might also apply and will be itemised on your detailed quotation.

  • How easy is Self-Assembly?

    We provide a full set of clear and simple self-assembly instructions and if you would like a PDF copy of this sent to you before deciding whether to self-assemble, just let us know.

    The installation process is facilitated by the fact that much of the pre-assembly has already been done in our workshop. However, an understanding of basic carpentry will help. As will a battery drill with 18V batteries.

    Generally, the larger Vertical units (4-6 bikes) are more challenging to install, especially with green roofs. The Classic range is simpler and can take around half the time. Be aware that a tall/sturdy step ladder is essential for all Vertical roof installations.

    We also offer sheds with add-ons for self-assembly. Please be aware that the larger the unit and the more add-ons it has, the more complex the installation will be. Our installation guides now (as of April 2022) extend to all add-ons including bin sheds.

    If in any doubt we recommend that you select our installation service, which is available for certain locations and offered at checkout if applicable.

  • Do you sell standalone bin storage?

    Yes! Our new range of modular, interchangeable storage units are designed to be beautiful and discreet, and are available to configure here.

    These are simpler units than our bike sheds as no security is required. They’re built using the same robust and high-performance timber framing techniques.

    Robust design and build

    The coloured plastic bins are hidden behind naturally weathered timber cladding, which is slatted for good air flow. The green roof keeps the interior dry and the structure well protected for longevity. The green roof option can weigh over 100kg per metre squared when saturated with rain, and these units are structurally engineered to easily carry that load.

    Simple functionality

    The bins can be easily accessed without being rolled out (for the majority of deposits) as there is a clear space above the bin lids. It’s a simple case of opening the doors to use the bins. On request we can add shelves to any number of the bin spaces so dual height can be added inside the unit; perfect for recycling boxes or the compost caddy!

    Up to 6 bins

    The design of these storage units is based on the average 240L household wheelie bin but can be used for bins of alternate sizes. Shelves can be added on request for recycling boxes or food waste caddies.

    Add-ons also available

    Useful add-ons can be added to your bin storage – we have a small or large log store option and a parcel safe option too. Add on either side of your bin shed.

  • Are Brighton Bike Sheds secure?

    Yes. We have worked hard to improve our designs over the years to make security a top priority. We build security into our sheds layer by layer. Not only does this delay intrusion, it also makes a silent attack virtually impossible.

    Our STANDARD security features include:

          • Door hinges are heavy duty galvanised T-hinges, fitted externally using galvanised steel security screws. A pair of 200m galvanised bolts lock off the secondary door internally. Turning the key on the primary door extends a hardened steel long-throw bolt behind the secondary door. The lock itself is coach bolted to the door frame to deter the use of crowbars.
          • Every Brighton Bike Shed is equipped with our SecureBar as standard. The SecureBar is a thick-walled galvanised steel tube that is fitted into the frame on the back shed wall. It would require noisy power tools to cut through it. Our SecureBar is easy to lock bikes to using your D-locks (Classic, Vertical units), or a security chain and padlock that runs through all the bikes. (Or best of all, a combination of both chain and D-locks).
          • Timber cladding is firmly nailed on in three rows. Removal of it is made impossible by the roof overhang, which clamps the cladding in place around the top. Slatted cladding is given an additional run of lost head screws alongside the existing screws to deter the prising off of slats. The doors are given an extra layer of fixings and are nailed through the back and front.

Built to last

Our roofs are built to last – you can even walk on them! The cladding is a solid 20mm timber, which only gets better with age turning a beautifully subtle silvery-grey.

Each shed comes equipped with double opening doors, fitted with a heavy duty lock. An internal SecureBar is fitted as standard, to which you can D-lock bikes.

Delivery and Installation

We deliver everywhere within mainland UK.
We offer a Full Installation service depending on your location.

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