LEAD TIME Currently 8-10 weeks from ordering

Delivery and Installation


We deliver for self-assembly everywhere within mainland UK. Delivery is calculated at checkout, and it starts at £156.00.

Unfortunately our products are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland, EU and USA.

Full Installation.

We offer a Full Installation service depending on your location, see the installation map below.

Our Full Installation is charged at £316.00

For large volume orders additional charges may be applied.*

Installation zone  — £316* / Rest of UK – Self-assembly only



Lead time

We aim to deliver/install within 8 weeks from receipt of your order.
At periods of higher demand this can extend to 12 weeks.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do you deliver?

    We deliver everywhere within mainland UK.

    Full Installation service is offered within our installation zone. Check the map HERE to see if we offer this service in your area.

    Unfortunately our products are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland, EU and USA.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery for self-assembly is calculated at checkout.

    Our full installation package has the delivery included in the price calculated at checkout.

    The volume of your order is calculated using the width, height and depth values of the configuration of your shed, including any selected add-ons. Orders of units 5m³ and below do not incur any surcharge.

  • How does delivery work?

    Within ten days of ordering your self-assembled shed, you’ll receive an email with a date for delivery. This will include information about the delivery and what to expect when your shed arrives. The courier will deliver between 9 am and 5pm. You’ll receive a text notification on the day of delivery from the courier.

    The courier will deliver your self-assembled shed in parts (which are usually large and heavy), as close to your property as possible. Once delivery is made, if you’re going to assemble your shed at a later date we advise that you store and protect all parts in a safe place.

    In the unlikely event that the delivery is delayed the courier will contact you on your mobile; and keep us aware of any hitches so that we can keep you updated.

    You must ensure there is a responsible person at your property to receive your delivery on the day. If nobody is in on the specified date, the courier will make every attempt to contact you to check your whereabouts. Please be aware that the courier reserves the right to abandon the delivery and invoice you for a wasted journey if there is no solution on the day.

  • How easy is Self-Assembly?

    We provide a full set of clear and simple self-assembly instructions and if you would like a PDF copy of this sent to you before deciding whether to self-assemble, just let us know.

    The installation process is facilitated by the fact that much of the pre-assembly has already been done in our workshop. However, an understanding of basic carpentry will help. As will a battery drill with 18V batteries.

    Generally, the larger Vertical units (4-6 bikes) are more challenging to install, especially with green roofs. The Classic range is simpler and can take around half the time. Be aware that a tall/sturdy step ladder is essential for all Vertical roof installations.

    We also offer sheds with add-ons for self-assembly. Please be aware that the larger the unit and the more add-ons it has, the more complex the installation will be. Our installation guides now (as of April 2022) extend to all add-ons including bin sheds.

    If in any doubt we recommend that you select our installation service, which is available for certain locations and offered at checkout if applicable.

Full Installation

  • Where do you install?

    If we install in your area our Full Installation service will be offered during checkout.

    See the installation map HERE or postcodes below for our installation areas:
    BN, AL, BR, CB, CM, CO, CR, CT, DA, EC, E, EN, GU, HA, HP, KT, IG, LU, ME, MK, N, NN, NW, OX, PO, RG, RH, RM, SE, SG, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SS, SW, TN, TW, UB, W, WC, WD, BA, BH, BS, CV, GL, IP

  • What does the Full Installation package cost?

    Our Full Installation package is £316. Units larger than 5 cubic metres are subject to additional installation charges and these are calculated at checkout.

    If you are ordering a bespoke product further installation costs might also apply and will be itemised on your detailed quotation.

  • How does the Full Installation service work?

    Within ten days of ordering your shed you will receive an email with the date of installation, as well as instructions on how to prepare your site.

          • Installations start between 8 am and 4pm.
          • You will receive an email notification from us when the team are on their way on the day.
          • If access to the site is through the house (back garden install), please ensure that a responsible person is at your home for the duration of the installation, which usually takes between 2 to 4 hours.
          • If there is a side access or the shed is to be sited in a front garden, it is not essential you are at home during the installation once you have confirmed the location for the shed with us.
          • You will need to have the location cleared and made ready on the day we arrive.
          • On completion we will post the set of keys for the bike shed through your letterbox.
          • We use cordless power tools so won’t need access to your house.
          • Any parking permits or cups of tea are gratefully received!
  • Does a Brighton Bike Shed need to be installed on a hard level base?

    There are four types of base that our sheds can happily live on: a level concrete slab, an area already paved, an eco-base or a decked base.

          1. Concrete slab: the best base for any of our bike sheds and especially suitable for our Vertical units. The slab should be the same dimensions (W x D) as the shed footprint. It should be 100mm thick and level.
          2. Existing paved area: fine for any of our units. Most front garden locations are already paved with a slight slope for drainage, and we mainly install Classic sheds in front gardens on existing paving without issues. If the paving is partial (for e.g., alongside an area of soil), then it should be extended with more paving or concrete to include the whole footprint of the shed.
          3. Eco-base: this is a grid/honeycomb layer designed to be filled up with shingle. Classic and Slot-in sheds can be installed on eco bases. We recommend that the eco base is laid on sharp sand over a well compacted and level sub-base that is 100mm thick. The eco base should be firmed up and level prior to filling with shingle and ideally would be finished around 25mm above ground level.
          4. Decked base. A decked base is a good solution for sloping sites. The frame should be set level and the joists running side to side. This is because the joists on our sheds run from front to back, so the result is better structural support. If you require any advice, please contact us.

        We do not recommend the following as a base: gravel, soil, grass, ‘astro’, old or uneven decking/paving, or any mix of these. If your site is currently any of these we recommend it be replaced with a solid base from the options above.

        All our sheds include a sturdy timber floor, which sits on rubber pads. These pads can be adjusted (between 1-3cm) so that the floor panel is firm before installing the walls.

        Please note that we do not install concrete bases, so you would need to arrange this prior to your shed being delivered/installed.

        Sloped sites:

              • If the area intended for installation is already paved with a slight slope for drainage, our sheds can be installed directly on that. The rubber feet we use can be adjusted between 1-3cm.
              • If the slope is in the 3-8cm range (over 2m), the shed can still be successfully installed but it will slope slightly.
              • If you have a paved area and would like to check the degree of slope (fall length), place a length of timber on it, pack up the lower end to level using a spirit level and then measure the resulting gap between the timber and paving. If the shed is 2m wide (e.g. Classic), then the timber would need to be 2m-2.4m long.
              • If the site is substantially sloping with falls of over 8cm (across 2m), this will require the installation of a tapering plinth. We can offer this service on a case-by-case basis and will use timber sections to level out the base and then clad across these in cladding to match your shed.
              • If the slope has falls of over 20cm (across 2m) we would recommend that you install a level concrete plinth or decked/paved platform.
  • Do you offer site visits?
    • We conduct all initial advice and estimates by checking your emailed images and dimensions. The simple dimensions of our products make this relatively easy, and we don’t ever encounter problems with subsequent fitting on site.
    • If you require advice selecting a product please email us with measurements, photos, sketches and your location.
    • Contact us with your bespoke enquiry and we will email you an estimate. We are sure we can offer a product that is ideal for your space and your storage needs.
    • If you need advice on how to prepare your site for installation, we’ll be happy to help with that too. Just send us images of the site and we can offer advice based on our experience.
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