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  • Do you sell standalone bin storage?

    Yes, in December 2021 we launched a new range of wheelie bin storage. The 2-bin and 3-bin versions of these are now available to purchase here

    In due course we will be offering a more comprehensive range of bin storage on the main BBS website. However, in the meantime we have enabled this limited range on Shopify – with introductory pricing.

    If you have any questions about these products please feel free to contact us.

  • What is the policy on the current COVID-19 pandemic?

    Nothing is of greater importance than the health of our employees and our customers. We follow the UK Government guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, to both restrict the spread of the virus, and to protect the health of our team and our customers.

    Workshop teams are operating at normal capacity, largely thanks to the small scale of the business (physical distancing in the workshop buildings is manageable). Therefore we are able to take orders as usual. Please note: due to a surge in demand for bike related products we have extended lead times of 12 weeks.

    During the installation/delivery of your Brighton Bike Shed there are a few changes:

      1. We will ring your bell and stand back 2-3m away and you can indicate the bike shed location for us if it is a front garden install.
      2. If it is a back garden install with side access we will wait for you to unlock the gate and then meet you at the back to confirm the location standing 2-3m away.
      3. If it is a back garden install with no side access we will ask you to explain the way through your house. Then once we have taken all the kit through you can keep the doors closed until we are finished.
      4. In all cases, once we have finished we will knock on the door/window or call your mobile to tell you the shed has been completed. Then from a distance of 2-3m we will show you the workings of the shed.
      5. On completion we won’t need any signature or handshake of sign off. If you want to start using the shed we recommend you disinfect all handles, locks, keys and then avoid touching the other parts of the shed for 72 hours.

    The install teams will wear gloves and will not work if any symptoms of corona virus are present.

    If you are self isolating or have symptoms then please inform us prior to our arrival, as the entire process can be via mobile phone. We’ll call you on arrival to confirm the shed location, call again when finished, and then post the keys through your letterbox.

  • How do I place an order?

    Measure up your space, check that the model you want will fit, and then make your purchase online. We’ll confirm the order and send you an estimated delivery date, and/or installation slot. The current lead times are 12 weeks (early 2021 delivery/install dates now booking). This is usually 20-30 working days but we have had to extend lead times due to increased demand (as of June 2020).

    Products with painted cladding have longer lead times.

  • How much space or clearance is required?

    We have designed our standard bike sheds to be as compact as possible to fit into the tightest spaces.

    Please do carefully check the given dimensions of the bike sheds against the dimensions of your space before ordering online. If there are obstacles or you have any doubts just email us or send a bespoke enquiry with a few pictures of the site you have in mind. We can easily accommodate small tweaks to the standard sizes if required and don’t charge any extra for these. We build a lot of Classics that are 1.9m wide and these still fit most bikes.

    Please also be aware that the roof has a 40mm overhang on the left, right and front (Classic/Slot-in) and a 40mm overhang on left, right and back (Vertical). There is a 70mm gutter on the back of the Classic and Slot-in and on the front of the Vertical units. This is not normally an issue because garden walls are usually under 1.2m tall so the overhang/gutter is above that. But if the shed is going up against another structure there would need to be an allowance made for this when preparing the base.

    So for example, if the shed is going up against a brick wall on the right, the right hand edge of the base would start 50-60mm away from the brick wall (which will give 10-20mm clearance). Or if a Classic is going to stand with its back against a tall fence then the back edge of the base would be sited 80-90mm away from the fence, giving 10-20mm clearance to the 70mm gutter. If you have any doubts a picture says a thousand words. Just snap a quick pic or two and email along with some key dimensions.

    If the garden walls around the shed looks un-square you should ensure that there are tolerances of at least 50mm.

    Please ensure that there is at least 800mm of space at the front to open the doors fully.

    If there are branches or protruding foliage behind or above the site, please clear these prior to the installation. Especially ivy, as this has a habit of finding its way into all timber structures.

  • Is a Brighton Bike Shed available flat-pack/self-assembly?

    Please also read our Delivery and Installation page.

    In Delivery Zone 2 we offer Classic products (1-6 bike) and Slot-in products (1-4 bike) in kit form for self-assembly. These will arrive on a pallet. We do not offer the largest Slot-in products (5-6 bike) or any of the Vertical products for self assembly due to pallet size restrictions.

    In Delivery Zone 1 we can offer all of our products for self assembly. Because we are able to deliver in this zone with our own vehicles we can manage the larger panels (Slot-in 5-6 bike, and Vertical products) which won’t fit on a pallet.

    The online price includes the cost of delivery to most of mainland UK, along with full fitting instructions. Unfortunately our products are not available in the EU and US.

  • How many bikes can fit in a Brighton Bike Shed?

    We have a full range of sizes designed to accommodate up to 6 bikes. If even larger units are required just contact us with a bespoke enquiry. We have installed large scale Vertical and Slot-in units for up to 20 bikes.

  • Are Brighton Bike Sheds suitable for front and back gardens?

    Yes, we have designed bike sheds for both back and front gardens. If there is a suitable space in the front garden this is probably the most convenient place to store your bikes and our Classic shed is well suited to front gardens due to its lower roof height. Our Slot-in and Vertical Sheds are designed to offer individually accessible bikes for convenience. However, due to their higher roof-lines they are more likely to be suited to side passages or back gardens.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    We offer a limited 5 year Guarantee on all of our sheds covering malfunction of the material and manufacturing defects (the same applies to installation faults if the shed is installed by our team). If you have spotted an issue please send us an email with photos and we will arrange a suitable date with you for the fault to be rectified. If your product is a Self-Assembly then the issue may be due to incorrect installation. In these cases, we will do our utmost to assist you in rectifying the issue by email and over the telephone.

    Please read our Terms & Conditions for full Guarantee terms.

  • Do I need to carry out any maintenance to my shed?

    Some maintenance is required to ensure your shed lasts for many years and the most important to remember is to keep the sides and base of the shed clear from debris build up. Any build-up of leaves, soil, ivy etc against the walls and base will prevent the timber from breathing, create a damp environment and cause rot. If the walls or floor rot prematurely due to debris build-up this invalidates our Guarantee. Other types of maintenance are as follows:

    • Felt roof: check the felt roof for any wind damage. We cover repair or re-felting under the Guarantee only if the roof was fitted by our installation teams.
    • Sedum living green roof: see below.
    • Gutters and down pipes: check yearly for damage or blockages. Un-block these as required.
    • Walls, doors, cladding: Keep clear of debris or invasive plants. If you decide to apply a wood preservative to any of the cladding options, we would recommend Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear for larch or pine T&G cladding or Sansin SDF for cedar cladding.
    • Hinges and locks: Keep oiled as necessary for smooth operation.


  • Are Brighton Bike Sheds secure?

    Yes, we have worked hard on improving our designs over the years to make security a top priority, and as with any good security practice, we build it in layer by layer to delay intrusion and to make a silent attack virtually impossible. The hinges used for the doors are heavy duty galvanised T-hinges, fitted externally using galvanised steel security screws. A secure long-throw bolt is fitted internally. Turning the key extends a hardened steel bolt over a steel locating plate.

    Every Brighton Bike Shed is equipped with our Secure Bar as standard. The Secure Bar is a thick-walled galvanised steel tube which is fitted into the frame on the back wall and would require noisy power tools to cut through. Our Secure Bar is easy to lock bikes to using your D-locks (Classic, Vertical units), or a security chain and padlock (all units) which runs through all the bikes (or best of all, a combination of both chain and D-locks).

    Timber cladding is well nailed to the structure in three rows and removal of it is made impossible by the roof overhang which clamps the cladding in place around the top. Slatted cladding is given an additional run of lost head screws alongside the screws to avoid the prising off of slats. The doors are given an extra layer of fixings and are nailed through the back and front. Slatted doors are given two rows of lost head screws in addition.

  • Which chain do you recommend to lock to the Securebar?

    We suggest a 2m long chain works well such as the Oxford OF160 HD Chain Lock which can happily live inside the shed.


  • Can I add shelving to my shed?

    In the Classic or the Vertical shed designs shelving can be added as a custom extra. We charge £25-£85 per shelf installed depending on the size. You can specify your shelving needs in an email and we will work out any extra costs accordingly. We include a full width shelf as standard in our Plus Height Classic (2000x400mm).

    Here are the most popular places in a shed to add shelving:

    Classic. One small shelf at the side for bike oil, lights or pumps. W: 130mm x D of shed.

    Vertical. 2-4 full depth shelves on one side. Taking the space of one bike.

    Add on Side Storage. Side storage in a Classic or Vertical is an ideal place for 2-4 shelves. Full width and around 400m depth works well for general storage.

    Bin storage. Recycling boxes can be efficiently stored on and under a mid height shelf. This would take the place of one bin.

  • Plus height or shelving added to Slot-in sheds?

    Unfortunately we don’t add Plus Height on the Slot-in design because the space over the bikes is inaccessible, unlike the Classic, so there is little point in having any storage or a shelf there. We don’t add shelving for similar reasons. One idea that does work is to use one side of a Slot-in shed to store car top-boxes or lawnmowers. If you plan on doing that you can always order a 6 bike Slot in for bikes (for example).

  • How do I make a bespoke order?

    If you require non-standard or bespoke sizes or finishes, use our bespoke enquiry form. Or send an email to and upload an image or two of the space. Please also include a description of your storage needs, dimensions (WxDxH), and your postcode. If you send a photo of a quick sketch of the layout too that really helps.

    We’ll reply with a free detailed quotation. If you are happy to proceed just email us back to confirm your order and we’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the agreed cost. Once we have received your deposit, your bike shed will be built in our workshop and delivered and installed within 12 weeks (early 2021 delivery/install dates now booking). The balance is due on completion of the installation.

  • What finishes do you offer?

    We have a range of finishes designed to meet most budgets and aesthetic requirements. Our untreated Scottish larch cladding, Pressure Treated European Pine slatted cladding or Pressure Treated European Pine tongue and groove (T&G) all offer great looks, resilience and value.

    The premium cladding options we offer are Western Red Cedar (WRC), either vertical slatted or T&G. The quality of the Western Red Cedar we use is reflected in the price and in addition to its BS EN 350 Class 2 durability rating it also looks great.

    We do not currently offer a painted option. If you want a painted finish the Treated Pine T&G and the larch options both can be painted. We recommend that you order the shed for self assembly and paint the panels before you or your builder assemble it. Or in some locations you can paint the shed after our team have installed it for you (if there is good access to all sides of the shed to paint).

  • If I have a bay window can you fit around it?

    We have built many ‘bay’ sheds, which are a five sided version of our Classic. We now offer a Bay Window option in Optional Extras shop so that the additional cost of this option can be seen alongside various Classic sheds.

    If you have a bay in the way of a standard Classic bike shed just send a standard enquiry and we’ll send you our PDF guide on measuring up your bay space.

  • Do you make bin sheds?

    We have built many bin sheds and recycling storage units as add-ons to all our range. We now offer these as options to bolt on. To see prices just add options to your shed in the Shop page, or for an overview see our Optional Extras page.

    There are two designs that work well for bin storage.

    The first design is a ‘One Roof’ side store added to either left or right of a Classic shed. The roof line is continuous with the bike shed roof, as are the front and back walls. The floor of the bin part is the existing paving or concrete. There is a trade off in that the bins require accessing while inside the shed or pulled out of the shed (there is approx 200mm space above the bin). However the clean lines of this design make it our most popular option.

    The other option is an open topped unit that hides the bin but allows for the bin top/lid to be freely accessible. The rest of the unit is clad to match the bike shed and has single or double opening doors. The floor is the existing paving or concrete. This design works for Classic, Slot-in and Vertical sheds and simply bolts on left or right.

    A recycling unit can easily be incorporated into either version and usually consists of a mid height shelf that the boxes sit on/under lengthways. If you require a or recycling unit, or a variation on the standard just send us an email as a bespoke enquiry.

    UPDATE: In December 2021 we launched a new range of standalone wheelie bin storage. The 2-bin and 3-bin versions of these are now available to purchase here

    In due course we will be offering a more comprehensive range of standalone bin storage on the main BBS website. However, in the meantime we have enabled this limited range on Shopify – with introductory pricing.

    If you have any questions about the standalone Bin Shed products please feel free to contact us.

  • Do you build anything else?

    Yes, so long as it can be built from timber! We build to order bespoke solutions such as planters, herb beds, log stores, vegetable box stores, seating, trellises, pergolas and screens etc., usually as add-ons to our bike sheds, and featuring matching cladding and roofing. We also build bike sheds that are designed to house surf-boards, car boxes, BBQs, tools, mowers, garden furniture… Contact us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to make them a reality!

  • Can you build a narrower or lower version of the Classic (eg 1.9m wide or 1.25m high)?

    The width and height of the Classic are dictated by the thickness of the timbers used in the walls, roof and floor construction. The width by the length of a bike plus wriggle room. The height by a standard bike and the clearance needed above the bike. We use 1.83m as a standard bike length and 1.15m as a benchmark bike height.

    However, if you have a tighter space to fit your shed into (eg <2m wide), or if all of your bikes are 1m or less (all road bikes or kids bikes) then we can shave anything from 50mm to 150mm off the width/height. If you want us to do this just order your Classic online as normal – and then send us a separate covering email requesting that we reduce the width or height by … There is no extra cost for this small type of alteration as we build to order.


  • What are the installation areas?

    Zone 1 – BN1.
    Zone 2 – AL, BR, CB, CM, CO, CR, CT, DA, EC, E, EN, GU, HA, HP, KT, IG, LU, ME, MK, N, NN, NW, OX, PO, RG, RH, RM, SE, SG, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SS, SW, TN, TW, UB, W, WC, WD
    Zone 3 – BA, BH, BS, CV, GL, IP

  • What are the installation costs?

    Installation Zone 1: £175
    Installation Zone 2: £250
    Installation Zone 3: £300

    If you are ordering a bespoke product these installation costs also apply and will be itemised on your detailed quotation.

  • What is the installation procedure?


    If you order a product to include our installation service, you will receive a confirmation email with an installation date. We will deliver and install you shed on the same day, in the location that you have cleared and made ready. Installations start between 8am and 4pm, and you will receive an email notification from us when the team are on their way on the day.

    If the access is through the house (back garden install), you will need to ensure that a responsible person is at your home for the duration of the installation, which usually takes between 3 to 4 hours. If there is a side access or the shed is to be sited in a front garden, it is not essential you are at home during the installation once you have confirmed the location for the shed with us. On completion we will post the set of keys for the bike shed through your letterbox. We use cordless power tools so won’t need access to your house. Any parking permits are gratefully received.

  • Do you offer free site visits?

    We conduct all initial advice and estimates by checking your emailed images and dimensions. We have found that the simple dimensions of our products make this relatively easy and we don’t ever encounter problems with subsequent fitting on site.

    If you require advice selecting a product please email us with measurements, photos, sketches, postcode etc, as with a bespoke enquiry and we’ll email you an estimate. In either case, we will be able to offer a product that is ideal for your space and your storage needs.

    Also, if you need advice on how to prepare your site for the installation we’ll be happy to help with that too. Just send us images of the site and we can offer advice based on our experience.

  • Does a Brighton Bike Shed require a hard level base?

    There are three types of base that our sheds can happily live on: a level concrete slab, an area already paved, or eco-base.

    1. The first type (concrete slab) is the best base for any of our bike sheds. It is especially suitable for our Vertical units. The slab should be the same dimensions (W x D) as the shed footprint. It should be 100mm thick and level.
    2. The second type (already paved area) is fine for our smaller units (Classic 1-6 bikes, and Slot-in 1-4 bikes). Most front garden locations are already paved with a slight slope for drainage, and we mainly install Classic sheds in front gardens on existing paving without issues. If the paving is partial (some soil areas), then it should be extended with more paving or concrete to include the whole footprint of the shed.
    3. Eco-base is a grid/honeycomb layer that is designed to be filled up with shingle. Classic and Slot-in sheds can be installed on eco bases. We recommend that the eco base is laid on sharp sand over a well compacted and level sub-base that is 100mm thick. The eco base should be firmed up and level prior to filling with shingle and ideally would be finished around 25mm above ground level.

    Our sheds all include a sturdy timber floor which sits on rubber pads. These pads can be adjusted so that the floor panel is firm before installing the walls.

    We do not install concrete bases, so you would need to arrange this prior to the bike shed being delivered/installed.1

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