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Log Store

The log store optional extra is available for all shed designs.

All three of the available bike shed designs can offer one of its side walls as a space to stack your logs.

The roof and walls are extended out by an extra 400mm which is enough to take most sizes of logs. The floor of the log store is built in treated slats to allow good air flow under the logs. The wall behind the logs is the side wall of the Classic (with the cladding type specified on the rest of the shed).

Make sure you have a good amount of space available at the side of the shed to access the logs


Please note: all references to ‘left’ or ‘right’ sides are when standing in front of the shed, looking at the front doors.






Classic Bike Shed

Compact and ideal for front gardens

Slot-in Bike Shed

Roll your bikes in and out

Vertical Bike Shed

Hang your bikes vertically side by side

Available optional extras

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