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Bay in the way?

So many terraced houses with angled bays seem to have a similar layout, with a 1.5m gap between the front garden wall and the front of the bay window. And 0.9m is typical between the neighbouring…

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A bespoke 2016

A very Happy 2017 to all our readers! The year 2016 was a loaded with some very interesting bespoke orders so here is a flavour of them. Looking like 2017 won’t disappoint either with an giant…

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Sizing up a Classic Bike Shed?

The best location for a Classic bike shed is at right angles to the front window. Great for viewing the green roof and practical for accessing the bikes. Also discreet. First check dimensions: depth and width….

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Glad to Clad

An exciting new development just launched – cladding options. We were already using Scottish larch as standard, and this continues to be our most popular choice. And it meets all our criteria too: durability, aesthetics, affordability…

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To bespoke or not to bespoke…?

We do bespoke… In fact many of our orders are bespoke to some extent. Our standard range of bike sheds is designed to cover almost all bases and spaces: you can slot-in your bikes, hang-in your bikes, or…

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Built to last

Brighton Bike Sheds are built to last. Stand on top of one to find out how solid they are! We have carefully considered all design details and in particular that great enemy of sheds: rain… We…

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Our Green Roofs

We have developed our Green Roof range of bike sheds to be little eco-systems adding colour, visual appeal and a habitat for pollinators. And because a bike shed only needs to be 1.4m high, they are…

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Classic, Vertical or Slot-in?

Choosing the right bike shed… there are loads of possibilities. So this post should help iron out the differences between each type we offer. There are 2,3,4,5 bike solutions for Classic, Vertical and Slot-in, so the…

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Bespoke projects

Brighton Bike Sheds started out designing and building bespoke bike storage. Mostly built-in and usually as part of a larger landscaping brief.

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Eco design @ Brighton Bike Sheds

The Brighton Bike Shed ‘look’ is all about longevity, and ageing gracefully. The natural weathering of the homegrown larch cladding, which fades to silvery grey. Discreet subtle beauty. The green roof models have a wildflower meadow…

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