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Can I assemble my own shed? Of course you can!

A lady building her own Brighton Bike ShedWe deliver and you assemble.

Above all, the process of installation is satisfying! With some DIY ambition, a few hours, a handful of tools, and a solid, level base to build on, anyone can construct a sturdy, durable shed with a fantastic level of finish.

If you decide to build your own shed, you will save on installation costs, and with our detailed installation guide, you can follow a step-by-step journey to achieve an amazing result!

If you’ve ever assembled Ikea furniture, this is way more wholesome and enjoyable than that. This is an experience that connects you back to nature; you’ll work outdoors and in direct connection with the wood, without the need for major woodworking skills.

Most people choose to build the shed with a friend or family member, turning the project into a collaborative effort that will always be remembered. To top it off, if you’ve ordered a green roof, you’ll have the added bonus of becoming a green roof installer in just one afternoon – a rare breed, it has to be said.

How does it work?


We deliver to you wherever you are in mainland UK. Your shed arrives in flat-pack format. For easier handling and transportation, the shed is delivered in separate parts, this includes includes walls, doors, base, roof, and bags containing some finishing loose parts. Your green roof arrives rolled up, with the substrate in bags. Our driver brings it directly to your front garden or side alley. If you prefer us to bring the shed through the house, we’ll need your assistance, as the panels are large and heavy.

Reading our step by step installation guide, which helps you build your own shed easily


 If you’re not planning to assemble your shed immediately after delivery, we recommend storing and protecting all the parts in a secure location. This helps prevent any loss or damage to the components before assembly. Having a tarpaulin on hand to cover the panels, especially if they’re being stored outside, is a wise precaution. If you’ve opted for a green roof, it’s crucial to unroll the sedum fully upon delivery, as leaving it rolled up could result in it perishing.

Installation Guide

Along with your delivery, you’ll receive a clear and straightforward installation guide with step-by-step instructions for assembling the shed. The guides is meticulously designed to walk you through the process, ensuring simplicity at every step. If you’re still uncertain about assembling the shed yourself, we’re more than happy to provide a PDF version in advance. This can help you make an informed decision about whether to tackle the installation yourself or enlist the help of a professional.


The set of tools needed to build your own bike shed: hammer, flat screw driver, power crew driver and Stanley knife.


With your delivery, we’ll include all the screws, nails, and small components you need for assembly. The only items you’ll need to provide are a few essential tools: a hammer, flathead screwdriver, Stanley knife, and an electric drill. While a nail gun can speed up the process, it’s considered more of a convenience than a necessity.


While some sheds may be more intricate and require a bit more time for assembly, it’s important to note that this complexity often correlates with the size and additional features of the unit. Larger sheds with more add-ons naturally involve a more detailed assembly process compared to smaller, simpler models.

However, rest assured that our comprehensive instructions cater to our entire product range, including add-ons and standalone products like bin sheds. Don’t let the thought of complexity deter you—our guides are designed to make the assembly process as smooth and straightforward as possible for all our customers.

A lady putting together her Brighton Bike Shed over a bold yellow background

Installation service

If you prefer not to take on the assembly process yourself or find it too complex, we’ve got you covered. Brighton Bike Sheds offers an installation service in most of Southern England. This service can be especially helpful for larger sheds or those with multiple add-ons. If you are outside our installation zone, we recommend reaching out to a local handyman, landscaper, or even a handy relative or friend. And don’t forget, they’ll also have the support of our detailed instruction guide every step of the way!

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