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Built for the British weather

Brighton Bike Sheds are built to last. Just try standing on top of one to find out how solid they are! We should know because we have to stand on top of each and every shed in the process of installing it.

We have carefully considered all design details and in particular that great enemy of sheds: rain… We get a lot of the stuff in the UK and it seems to be getting more severe; heavier and combined with strong winds. That’s why we’ve developed every aspect our sheds to stand firm against the elements for many years. This blog post looks at the most important features of a Brighton Bike Shed when it comes to durability, and how we compare to most other sheds on the market. (Spoiler: we’re better.)


We fix all our cladding vertically, this sheds rain straight to the ground. Horizontal shiplap (on most standard sheds) creates a long path downwards and water tends to get trapped, which rots the timber. On our slatted sheds, the 6mm gaps between boards allow good cross ventilation and any driven rain quickly dries out. Our larch and cedar cladding has a high natural tannin content, making it durable and water resistant timber, whilst the pine is pressure treated with a wood preserver. We use 20mm thick planks, which are almost double the thickness of the shiplap cladding you find on most sheds.

Gutter and downpipe

Most bog standard sheds aren’t equipped with a gutter and downpipe. They simply rely on rain water to run off the lower edge of the roof in drips. This water gathers around the base and often is blown onto the back wall which is why a lot of sheds rot there. We always fit a gutter and downpipe, and direct the water away from the shed to a plant bed or gulley. In heavy rain the shed structure is only ever coping with rain on the ground or hitting the sides which are well protected.

Roof structure

Above the doors we use 100mm beams, and for the rafters we use 75mm beams. These comfortably support the weight of our green roofs. Most sheds use 25-38mm timbers throughout and the roof sags, which is why you see a lot of shed roofs with a pond in the middle! We construct the roof to be the strongest element of the unit, after all it is the main form of defence between your bikes and 9 months of rain! We have also designed our roof with a fairly steep pitch so the rain doesn’t hang around.

Roof covering

Our roof is first clad in ply on our felt roof models. A heavy duty felt is fitted, well fixed down and into the gutter. It overlaps the edges before a fascia board is fitted to finish the roof detail. On our green roofs a sheet of ply is over-laid with a sturdy EPDM liner and filter fleece to prevent the soil washing into the gutter. In either case drainage is the overriding consideration on all our roofs.


A good hat and a good pair of boots… the old saying about house design. We provide a solid timber floor base which is built from 50x50mm treated timber frame with ply glued and nailed to it. No movement in that! That is levelled on site on rubber pads which keep it well away from surface water. So your shed is not just sitting in water – another common reason that many sheds rot.

Main structure

With rain often comes a lot of wind and gusts especially compromise the structure of sheds. Movement weakens junctions and fixings and this then lets the weather in so its a vicious circle! We brace walls diagonally or using sheet materials. We double up timbers on corners. We glue and nail sheet materials. We designed a web of ply into either side of the door opening. Wind loading is covered with a Brighton Bike Shed!


All nails, hinges and other ironmongery are stainless steel or galvanised, as is the secure bar. External screws are stainless steel or coated to be water resistant.

Brighton Bike Sheds placard on a shedSo, sheds get a hard life… Little buildings out there in the weather; all alone and pretty exposed. A lot of garden sheds are still standing only due to their contents holding them up! We know the contents of your bike shed will be a loved and much used item, so roofs caving in or walls rotting out won’t be an option. This is why we have thought long and hard about every single detail and designed a shed that works hard to keep your bikes dry and cosy for years to come. In fact you could comfortably sleep in it if you really wanted to…

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