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Build-a-Shed: A guide to our online configurator


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Tailor your shed to your storage needs.

Tired of endlessly scouring the internet in search of the perfect shed? When it comes to tidying up your garden and storing and protecting your belongings, finding the right shed that meets all your requirements can be a daunting task. If only you could build your dream shed online… wait, you can!

From choosing the type of wood to deciding whether you want added side storage, imagine the possibilities! With our online product builder, you’re just moments away from creating the outdoor storage solution of your dreams.

Craft your perfect outdoor storage solution from size to style, personalise every aspect of your shed to suit your needs. Let us bring your vision to life! Head over to our website and follow these steps.

What do you want to store?

A view of our online configurator with a bikeshed binshed and log store


Using our online configurator, the first thing you need to decide is what you would like to store. At Brighton Bike Sheds we don’t just build bike sheds, we build bin sheds, parcel drop sheds, vegetable box sheds, log sheds, recycling box sheds… you get the idea!

Our bike sheds come in four main styles – classic, slot-invertical, and cargo. Each of these styles differs in terms of how you access your bikes, if you’d like to store more than one thing, for instance bikes and bins, you can specify add-ons later in the process.


Classic Bike Shed from Brighton Bike Sheds
The Classic Bike Shed is ideal for front gardens.
The Slot-in bike shed allows easy individual access to each of your bikes
The Vertical Bike Shed is great if you want to store bikes upright








Size matters: Find the perfect fit for your outdoor space

You now need to select how many bikes or bins you need your shed to be able to store. Our standard sheds store up to 6 standard bikes or wheelie bins. If you need to store more than this, head to our bespoke page and fill out the form.

Picking the perfect roof cover for your shed?

We offer the option to have a living green roof on all of our sheds. Our green roofs are made of sedum, a hardy succulent which will flower in summer and is a beautiful addition to any shed, as well as an eco-friendly option.

Beyond aesthetics: The functional beauty of our cladding choices

We distinguish ourselves from other shed companies by offering eight different cladding finishes on our sheds to compliment any outdoor space. These are Scottish Larch, Cedar T&G, Cedar Slats, Pine T&G, Pine Slats, Charred Scottish Larch, Grey Painted Slats and Black Painted Slats. With this array of choices, you can customise your shed to fit in seamlessly with any outdoor space.

Enhance your shed with add-ons

Put the final finishing touches to your shed by choosing any extras or add-ons. Add more units to the side of your shed for bins, logs or just extra storage space. Then choose to have your roof pitched forwards, add extra height to your shed or even a cut out for a bay window.

Voila! Your perfect shed, you now just need to choose whether you want our full installation service, or to have your shed delivered for self-assembly.


Unique spaces, Unique solutions: Crafting your one-of-a-kind shed

Although our configurator offers a wide range of options, we understand that every space is unique. If you find that your specific requirements aren’t fully met, don’t worry! Our commitment to tailored solutions means you can always explore our bespoke service. Simply fill in a bespoke order form, and we’ll get back to your with a quote. Your perfect shed is just a step away, no matter how unique your needs may be!

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