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Planning Regulations

Our sheds help you comply with planning, achieve quality accreditation and meet sustainability criteria


UK nationwide planning policy promotes sustainable transport like cycling. This is part of an overall national strategy towards sustainability, reduced carbon emissions, better air quality and improved public health.

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London planning

London borough planning regulations require that all developments provide secure, integrated, convenient and accessible cycle parking facilities in line with guidance set out in the London Cycle Design Standards.

The London Plan 2021, Policy T5 Cycling is designed to improve the health and quality of life of Londoners by reducing emissions from transport and ensuring an efficient use of limited road space as London grows.


Policy T5 Cycling

Policy T5 Cycling includes a clause that secures the provision of appropriate levels of cycle parking:

Clause A2 ensures that cycle parking is fit for purpose, secure and well located. Developments should provide cycle parking at least in accordance with the minimum standards set out in Table 10.2


Across the country

The strategy is not unique to London, local authorities across the country are adopting aspects into their local development framework for planning.

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Here’s how we meet sustainability criteria and standards.


Planning for biodiversity
net gain

Our living green roofs reduce local pollution and minimise the urban heat island effect.

The Environment Act 2021 includes a provision for biodiversity net gain to be a condition of planning permission. At the local level some authorities are already making biodiversity net gain part of their Local Plans.


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