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Top ten things to consider when buying a bike shed

So you’re on the hunt for somewhere to stash your bike, right?

Bike shed in a front garden

Whether you’re a hardcore pedal pusher or just cruising around for the fun of it, having a bike shed is a game-changer, especially for freeing up some precious indoor space. But the choice can be a little overwhelming when it comes to picking the perfect shed. Fear not, we’ve got  this nifty guide to make the process a little easier and to make sure you snag the shed that is the perfect fit for you and your bike.

1. What size space do you have?

First off, where are you thinking of parking your trusty two-wheeler? Think about the size of the space available to you. Consider both front and back gardens and side alleys too. Front gardens are popular because they provide easy bike access (cue security check, more on that later). But who says you need a garden at all? We’ve crafted sheds on rooftop terraces and balconies as well.

Now, the fun part.. get out that measuring tape! Width, height, depth – measure the space in all directions. You need to get a clear idea of the size of the area available for your new shed. Check for any trees, posts, or manholes that might get in the way and cramp your shed style. Don’t forget to make sure there’s enough room for those doors to swing wide open!


2. How many bikes do you need to store?

It’s important to know the maximum number of bikes you’re going to store in your shed at any time so you can work out how big it needs to be. We would recommend placing your bikes in the location that you want your shed, to get a feel for how many may fit there – like sizing up the dance floor before the disco. The number of bikes can be a deciding factor when choosing the style of shed that meets your needs – more bikes might mean the access needs to be slightly different so that they are all within easy reach.

3. How do you want to access your bikes?

The Classic bike shed

Different bike sheds offer various storage and access methods for your bikes and it’s crucial to consider which would be most convenient for you.

For instance our ‘Classic’ bike shed is ideal for smaller spaces with a compact style, stacking bikes in front of each other.



The Slot-in bike shed

Others, like our ‘Slot-in’ bike shed, give individual access to your two-wheelers where each bike gets its own red carpet moment, as you can roll them in and out.






The Vertical bike shed

Access is also individual in our ‘Vertical’ bike shed which accommodates vertically hanging bikes. Easier access often means a larger bike shed and while these larger options offer great convenience when getting your bikes in and out, they require a bit more real estate.







Consider the number of bikes you want to store, the storage style and access you prefer, and the available space for your shed – these factors will guide you in selecting the most suitable shed style for you.

4. Do you have other items you want to store in the shed?

It’s been said that you can never have too much storage space. And a new bike shed could give you a useful place to squirrel away some other items as well as bikes. Versatility is something to keep in mind before purchasing. Would you like to fit any more items in the shed once all of your bikes are in there? Does the shed come with additional extra storage? Check out our side storage, log storage or bin storage options as additional extras to your shed.

5. Security is a must

We’re cyclists too, and we understand how important it is to protect your bikes from theft. Consider the security features of your shed for safeguarding your bikes. At a minimum, ensure that the shed includes a reliable and robust locking system. You might also want to look out for heavy-duty hinges, drop bolts and internal anchoring points or bars that allow you to lock your bike inside the shed. Most of all, pay attention to the construction and design of the shed making sure it deters the use of tools like a crowbar on its doors. At Brighton Bike Sheds, security is fundamental to every product we make and it’s built in layer by layer. Unlike most other suppliers we won’t charge you extra for it.

6. Think about aesthetics

The look of a bike shed is very important as it’s going to be a prominent part of the overall aesthetics of your home and garden. You will probably look at it every day, and if it’s in your front garden it will be the first thing you see every time you come home! Bike sheds come in a range of materials including wood, metal and plastic, and all of these materials have their individual qualities. Research the durability of each material, choose which one is right for you and try and find a company that offers different finishes so that you can pick the style that suits your home and preferences best.

7. Your budget

Your budget will determine your options. While opting for a high street DIY supplier might seem cost-effective initially, you should consider long-term value and that’s where durability becomes an important factor. Set your maximum spending limit and explore a selection of bike sheds within your price range. Then, refine your selection by eliminating sheds based on the other considerations outlined in this guide.

8. Assembly or installation?

Knowing whether you can assemble a shed yourself or you want to have it installed will provide some scope to your choice of bike sheds, as not all companies offer an installation service. If you have the spare time, self-assembly will save you money, and might be a fun and satisfying project for the weekend. But you’ll need a few tools and it will take longer from the time you receive your shed until it’s ready to use. Here at Brighton Bike Sheds, we offer both self-assembly and the convenience of an installation service (within our installation zone).

9. Quality, durability and weatherproofing

Quality and durability are crucial factors when choosing a bike shed. Some of the sheds we build are purchased as a replacement for a lower quality shed from another supplier that has started to rot after just a couple of winters. The materials used for the frame, floor, walls and roof of your bike shed, as well as the methods used in the manufacturing process are key to the longevity of your shed. Think about it, we live on a wet cold island and if your shed is susceptible to rot your bikes are susceptible to rust! If protecting your bikes is a must then deciding on a shed that prioritises quality should be a determining factor in your choice. You want peace of mind that your shed is sturdy and well-built, and that it comes with a long guarantee.

10. Sustainability

A longer-lasting shed is not just more cost-effective in the long-term, it can be better for the planet. That’s because the energy used in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of your shed is spread over a longer period. Consider your choice of materials too; steel and plastic use far more energy in their manufacture than wood, which captures carbon and produces oxygen as it grows. And if you do choose wood, ensure it comes from sustainable sources, preferably from within the UK. A green roof can add a final sustainable touch to your shed, reducing water run-off and providing a little green oasis for pollinators.


For further inspiration and guidance on choosing your best bike shed, head to Brighton Bike Sheds range or our social media pages to see our sheds and the different sizes and finishes we offer.

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