• Capacity: 1-6 Bikes

    External dimensions: 1.3m deep and 2m high at the front (2.2m at the back) if felt roof, 2.05m high at the front (2.25m high at the back) if green roof. The width varies depending on the number of bikes. Please check it will fit your space.

    An internal SecureBar fitted as standard, to which you can D-lock your bikes.

  • The Vertical Bike Shed allows your bikes to be accessed individually and can be specified for 1-6 bikes. You can order it with a felt roof or a living roof.

    Spacious: the The Vertical Bike Shed is like a wardrobe for your bikes! The bikes hang vertically and can be accessed individually and the unit only projects out by 1.3m so is ideal down the side of a garden and can be screened by planting. The taller height of this unit makes it unsuitable for most front gardens and it is designed for back gardens with an existing high wall or fence in place.

    Tough: the roofs can even be walked on; we build them to last! Our standard cladding is solid 20mm thick UK Larch which looks better and better as it ages, turning a subtle silvery grey.

    Dry: the Vertical is fully storm proof, dry and condensation free with good cross ventilation. The roof drains to a gutter and down pipe at the front.

    Secure: our sheds come equipped with double opening doors, fitted with a high security lock. Also an internal SecureBar fitted as standard, to which you can D-lock bikes.

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