We have a long list of satisfied customers and pride ourselves on our good feedback and local word of mouth trade. Here are a few of the comments from some happy customers:





I am writing to thank you and Brighton Bike Sheds for the wonderful addition to our garden.


We recently had a new outside office installed in our garden but we had to sacrifice the garden shed. We managed to accommodate most of the stuff from the shed into the garage but we were struggling to find a home for the family bikes but Brighton Bike Sheds came to the rescue. We had a small space left in our garden and your 4 bike shed was the perfect fit.


We decided to go for the cedar version and delivery was quicker than we expected. We were regularly kept informed leading up to the delivery date and the shed turned up on time. Your installer Will was amazing and did a fantastic job fitting the shed in a very tight space and the finished product is brilliant.


We now have a nice home for our bikes and I have also managed to fit in my golf clubs so the wife is extremely happy.




It's great - sits really snugly in the space without being too obtrusive. Thank you - looks really secure too.




Many thanks Aaron, great job installing! Had some great comments already from admiring neighbours.




We’re thrilled with our shed, and today I finally got my new bike to go in it. Many thanks for making it for us,




The bike shed is exactly what we needed and now the garden is much more beautiful around it, too.




The bike shed looks great, i'm really pleased with it. It's well concealed yet large and I love the roof.




It's looking really super - thanks ever so much for your efforts. Good to get the bikes in and looking forward to stocking up on wood for the wood store.




Good to meet you too.  Thanks very much for the bike shed, its great and my bikes look very at home.




We’re very happy with the bike shed - which had it’s first test-run this weekend. Plenty of neighbours commenting on it also! Thanks again.




Thanks for a job well done, the shed looks really great. If you need any photos or anything else, please let me know.




It was great fun to watch it take shape, really love it too, couldn't keep my eye off it while on the turbo trainer before.




Dear Aaron, As you know, we were so delighted with our ‘bespoke bike shed’ that

we asked you to a matching wooden slatted garden shed to replace an old greenhouse.

You worked really hard in recent cold and rain and we think you have done a great job.

Nothing is too much trouble.




I commissioned Aaron to design and build a bespoke bike shed for our small garden. When he came to quote, he helped us think through solutions to the space constraints and suggested a design that we hadn’t considered but looked great. I wanted a living roof on the shed but it was hard to find carpenters who knew about them. Aaron was really knowledgeable and able to construct the right kind of roof. The work happened really quickly and we were left with a beautiful shed with an integrated flowerbed, pergola and trellis.  I was delighted with the result. People who visit our house comment on how lovely the garden looks now.




Aaron was quick to respond to inquiries and very helpful in fine-tuning the green-roof bike shed to fit the space available and to adapt it perfectly to our needs. The install was painless for us and the resulting bike shed looks lovely and works great. Highly recommended.




The sheds look really great thank you. I have put the bikes in and helmets etc – they offer a brilliant space. Thanks for your attention to detail.




Like many I have a small back yard and when I decided to get a bike it had to live in the house for a while. Thus caused understandable difficulties and I was told by the domestic management team to sort it out.


A fruitless trawl through the Internet with a tape measure to hand proved that a standard size wouldn't fit.  A temporary bike tent got me through the summer but was not long term. Bikes are now too valuable to leave outside in the elements (not if you want to see them again). I looked up custom bike sheds and found Brighton Bike Sheds.

They seemed to have a great range and, more importantly custom options. With more tape measure fun I settled the dimensions and felt that one of their classic sheds would just fit (and enable me to get my bike in). Deposit paid and within 10 days we were set to go. 

Aaron arrived on time with the shed ready for assembly this only took two hours odd and it is absolutely great.


The build quality is excellent and nothing flimsy or wobbly. It will certainly last. You often never know when ordering on line what exactly you are going to get but this is certainly excellent. All the bike gear fits in and is safely and securely stored. A steel security bar to lock your bike to and a very strong outer padlock is supplied so once it is built you must move your gear in.


The domestic management is happy (always a bonus) bike is happy and I am happy.

I only wish I had done it sooner. So if you need a standard or a custom shed don't bother going anywhere else you won't be disappointed.





I’ve just moved the bikes into the new shed. I must say it is well built, sturdy and secure and design is clean and functional. 
Thank you again.