As standard with all our bike sheds:


 - Treated timber floor, raised above ground level on rubber feet

- Diagonally braced timber frame walls (5cm x 5cm treated timber frame)

- UK larch timber cladding (2cm thick) vertically fixed, or other cladding options

- Double doors on Classic and wide Slot-in or Vertical (single door on narrower Slot-in or Vertical)

- Hardware: high security Perry Long Throw lock, hinges fitted with one way screws

- Steel security bar on the inside to D-lock bikes to

- Ply and felted roof (or substrate, drainage layer and living roof layer roof if Green Roof model)

- Wheel slot toast rack on a Slot-in model or wall hanging hooks if a Hang-in model






- Hooks and/or shelf for bike kit

- Built in planters, wheelie bin or recycling box storage

- Gates, decks, seats, slatted trellis...







We fit every single hinge with one-way screws, which can't be unscrewed. 



One of the doors is double bolted shut on the inside, then the other locked with a high security Perry Long Throw lock , making the would-be thief work extremely hard just to get inside. Even if they finally did get inside they would then be confronted with our second line of defence: the Secure Bar.




We install a heavy steel Secure Bar as standard on all our sheds, which is drilled into the timber frame and would require power tools to cut through. This bar is easy to lock bikes to on the inside with your U locks, or a long motorcycle type chain which runs through all the bikes inside (or best of all, a combination of both).