Q. Where do you deliver/install?

A. Check our Delivery and Installation page.


Q. How do I make an order?

A. Measure up your space, check that the model you want will fit, and then purchase online. We'll confirm the order and send you an estimated delivery date, and/or installation slot. The current lead times are around 20 days (or less) on all our products.

If you require bespoke sizes or finishes just email your enquiry (description, dimensions, photos and postcode). We'll reply with a quotation. If you are happy to proceed just email us back to confirm your order and we'll send you an invoice for the deposit (of 50%). Once we receive the deposit your bike shed will be installed within 20 working days. Upon installation you pay us the balance. All bespoke orders are via this method.


Q. Are the published sizes including the roof/gutter overhangs?

A. All sizes on the shop page are external, wall to wall. The overhangs on the front and sides are 45mm and the gutter at the back is 70mm.

Because our sheds are all over 1.25m tall the roof overhangs rarely cause an obstruction. The critical measurement is the footprint of the shed - which is why we publish the external measurements without including the roof overhangs. If you think the overhangs/gutters are likely to cause an obstruction and would like us to slightly reduce the overall dimensions of the shed to suit just send us an email.  We don't charge any extra to make small adjustments as all our sheds are built to order.


Q. Is a Brighton Bike Shed available flat-pack/self assembly?

A. We mainly install our bike sheds within a 2 hour radius of Brighton and offer FREE installation and delivery within this zone. Since October 2016 we have been offering a flat pack product for self assembly, which means that we now reach the whole of the UK and can offer all of our products on pallets.

Installation isn't included in the flat-pack service. The online prices remain the same due to the courier/pallet costs and additional pre-assembly which enables easy self assembly by the customer.

Contact us with any questions if you require a bike shed and live outside our free delivery and installation zone


Q. Are Brighton Bike Sheds suitable for front and back gardens?

A. Yes, we fit bike sheds in both back and front gardens. Just bear in mind that in a back garden with no side alley the bikes will need to come in and out through the house. So if there is a suitable space in your front garden this is the most convenient for accessing your bikes. 


Q. How many bikes can fit in a Brighton Bike Shed?

A. We have a full range of sizes designed to accommodate up to 6 bikes. If even larger units are required just contact us by email for a quotation.


Q. Can you make custom sizes to order?

A. Yes, just email us your available dimensions and some images of the space and we’ll provide an estimate. If you are based in or near Brighton contact us and we can arrange a free site visit.


Q. Do I need to be in when the installation takes place?

A. You will need to be at home when we arrive to confirm the exact location of the bike shed. If the access is through the house we ask that someone is at home for the duration of the installation which usually takes 3 to 4 hours. If the shed is being installed in a front garden then it is not essential to be in during the whole installation as we will post the keys for the bike shed through your letterbox on completion. We will liaise with you on receipt of your order to arrange the best time and date for the installation.


Q. Does a Brighton Bike Shed require a hard level base?

A. Often not - in many cases we install on existing paved, gravel and concreted surfaces that aren't totally level (tolerances of ~70mm over 2m). We use adjustable rubber feet to level the timber base of the bike shed.

If there are tree stumps these do need to be taken out or cut level. And if the plot is all soil/grass, or there are big gradients we do recommend that you make ready a hard base.

We can offer advice on this but do not install concrete bases, so you would need to arrange this prior to the bike shed being delivered/installed. For sizing please refer to the Width and Depth dimensions of the product (eg: 4-bike Classic: 2m wide x 1.15m deep).

If you build (or have a base built) it can be created with paving stones, a concrete slab, an EcoBase (plastic grid) or timber sleepers. Often it is an opportunity to use up some spare materials!

For larger units, such as 5-6+ bike Classic/Slot-in units, or 3-6+ bike Vertical units a paved/concreted area is recommended.

If you need help on deciding what base to prepare please send us a photo or two and we'll happily offer you our best advice.


Q. I have a site which requires some landscaping to get ready for installing a bike shed. Can you help with this?

A. Unfortunately we cannot carry out any paving, retaining work, removal of shrubs or any other landscaping in preparation for your bike shed. We are however happy to advise what type of preparation would be suitable though. Just send us a few pictures of the site you have in mind.


Q. Do you make bin sheds?

A. We have built many bin sheds as add-ons to all our range. We have found that the best design is an open topped unit that hides the bin but still allows for the lightweight plastic lid to be opened when depositing bags. The rest of the unit is clad to match the bike shed and has single or double opening doors. The floor is just the existing paving or concrete. The recycling box unit design usually consists of 2 or 3 shelves that the boxes slot into longways. If you require a bin shed and/or recycling box shed send us an email as a custom enquiry.


Q. Do you build anything else?

A. Yes, as long as it can be built from timber! We build to order planters, herb beds, bin stores, vegetable box stores, seating, trellises, pergolas, etc, often as add-ons to bike sheds. Contact us with your ideas and we'll be happy to make them happen.


Q. Do your sedum living roofs require maintenance and what type of plants do they include?

A. Right after installation the newly planted roof will need watering a lot to revive it after the journey to your roof! We recommend two weeks of daily watering with a fine spray setting (in the evening) or a watering can. Then every few days for the next month. If the weather is rainy and wet over this six week period ignore this advice.

Once established the sedum has the advantage of needing very little maintenance. It is important to never use weed killer or fertiliser on a sedum roof. In extreme drought periods the sedum roof will turn yellow or red and will benefit from some watering. 

With a sedum roof the types of flower emerging will vary from year to year depending on temperature, moisture and available nutrients giving a constantly changing landscape. It is interesting to experiment with your roof, introduce sedums/alpine cuttings or plugs and create contrast in texture, tone and colour. Or add some favourite stones/pebbles/shells to your raised garden.