Cladding options

We now offer our full range of bike sheds in six cladding options:


  1. Scottish untreated larch 20x90mm, vertically fixed
  2. European treated pine 16x112mm tongue and groove, vertically fixed
  3. European treated pine 19x38mm batten, vertically fixed with 6mm gaps
  4. European treated pine 16x112mm tongue and groove, vertically fixed, painted in exterior eggshell (x 2 coats)
  5. Western red cedar batten 19x38mm, vertically fixed, 6mm gap
  6. Western red cedar 19x137mm tongue and groove, vertically fixed


Our bike sheds have been mostly clad in Scottish larch, but we are now meeting the increasing demand for a range of cladding options. We have created 3 distinct pricing bands, with options 1-2 (Band A) being the cheapest, options 3-4 (Band B) being the painted or slatted timber, and options 5-6 (Band C) the most expensive due to the high cost of cedar (imported from North America or Canada).

The cladding options are all priced within our products page. 


See below for more detailed descriptions:



Scottish larch

The original Brighton Bike Sheds look: organic, ecological, rustic chic. Larch is a highly durable timber and is often specified by architects in its untreated state. It contains a high level of natural oils which rise to the surface over time, and form a patina or protective skin. The chunky 90x20mm boards are planed and then fixed vertically with no gaps and then shrink back a little as they dry, creating 2-3mm gaps. These gaps allow for good air-flow through the bike shed which helps prevent condensation on the bikes. 


European treated pine tongue and groove. Painted or unpainted:


This cladding offers a more precision look with it's machined profile, and can be selected painted or unpainted. Unpainted (Price band A), the treatment colour will fade and the wood will go silver-grey in time. Or it also provides the perfect base for painting, so you can paint it yourself after installation, or we can paint it in the workshop (Price band B).

We usually use a Sadolin Superdec paint on our sheds which is both durable and breathable and includes some great colours. Please advise us of a colour from their colour range at the point of order. Sample pots are available from their websites (and in Brewers paint shops). If you want us to use another brand/colour of paint please advise us and we'll happily procure/use that instead. We can also paint your shed in a RAL colour, just let us know which. 



European planed and treated pine batten:



This batten is fixed vertically with 6mm gaps. The effect is architecturally striking, creating strong light and shade contrast. Slatted battens fixed with gaps are a popular feature of contemporary garden designs. We fix ours vertically as this cladding drops driven rain more easily which is important in keeping the shed contents dry. These gaps allow for very good airflow, so the odd drop of rain that blows in won't be an issue. The treatment colour will fade and the wood will go silver-grey in time. 



Western red cedar batten:


This batten is also fixed vertically with 6mm gaps. The visual and technical effect is similar to the treated batten. However Western red cedar is the Rolls Royce of timber cladding and the quality of the wood is extremely high due to the tightness of the grain. It of course has a price to match. Over time the cedar will go silvery-grey just as the treated pine does. The longevity will be similar too so ultimately the decision is based more on taste.



Western red cedar tongue and groove:



Western red cedar tongue and groove cladding is a joy to work with. It is durable and highly stable. It has a precision look that will enhance any front garden. It will silver in time and will not need treating. Again the price, and the quality, of this cladding is at the premium end of the scale.