Bike Security

At Brighton Bike Sheds, we take security very seriously, and unlike other suppliers, we don't charge more for it. We think security is fundamental and we build it in layer by layer. See below for a description of our standard Security Specification.



The doors on all our bike sheds are fitted with a Perry 50mm high security Throw Locks with Elongated Keep and Stainless Steel Bar. Each lock is supplied with 5 high security keys. The left door locks to the right door which is secured on the inside with drop bolts that slide into the frame, top and bottom.





We fit heavy duty galvanised hinges with one-way screws, which can't be unscrewed. 



We have made the would-be thief work extremely hard in an attempt to get in through the doors... and even if they finally did get inside (having made a lot of noise, taken some time and drawn a lot of attention to themselves) they would then be confronted with our second line of defence: the Secure Bar.



We install a heavy steel Secure Bar which is drilled into the timber frame and would require power tools to cut through. This bar is easy to lock bikes to on the inside with your U locks, or a long fabric-sleeved motorcycle type chain which runs through all the bikes inside (or best of all, a combination of both). This Secure Bar is a standard feature that we have fitted on all our sheds since we began in 2013. 

A massively frustrating feature for any bike thief. And a hugely reassuring one for all bike owners!