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Our Green Roofs

We have developed our Green Roof range of bike sheds to be little eco-systems adding colour, visual appeal and a habitat for pollinators. And because a bike shed only needs to be 1.4m high, they are a living roof at the perfect height for viewing, enjoying, and watering cans (occasionally!).

Green roofs and bike sheds are the perfect combo! The living layer protects the roof, soaking up all that rain and keeping the bikes inside dry. It provides a beautiful little bio-habitat which helps replenish the green in the urban landscape.

We use rolls of pre-grown sedum, which is a hardy alpine with a mix of flowers. The maintenance of sedum is very minimal once the roof is established. Mainly watering for the first 2-3 weeks to prevent the turf drying out. After which just the odd soak in prolonged dry periods.

The sedum flowers will grow to between 10-15cm in height. We use a specialist substrate laid to a depth of 5-7cm and drainage layer which is lightweight. This all sits on a EDPM (rubber) liner which discharges into a gutter/drainpipe.

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