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Classic, Vertical or Slot-in?

Choosing the right bike shed… there are loads of possibilities. So this post should help iron out the differences between each type we offer.

There are 2,3,4,5 bike solutions for Classic, Vertical and Slot-in, so the number of bikes you need to store won’t influence the choice, just the location of the bike shed itself.

The Classic


  1. Low roof, great for front gardens
  2. Compact, mimimal sizing also good for small front (or back) gardens


  1. The need to take out bikes to access others

The Vertical


  1. The ability to access bikes individually
  2. Easy walk-in access


  1. Not suitable for front gardens

The slot-in


  1. The ability to access bikes individually
  2. Low roof, works well in front gardens


  1. Slightly larger footprint than a Classic


So, pros and some cons for each type. For a lot of people the front garden is the clincher, in that the bikes are so handy to reach there when commuting to work or heading out for a family cycle. The front garden is quite often underused anyway, so a beautiful bike shed that enhances the local character as well as offering some crucial extra storage makes perfect sense. Security is well provided for across all the ranges so the fact that the bike shed is more visible in a front garden shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

Others prefer to site their bike shed in the back garden. The additional space available in many back gardens mean that the choice between models is unlimited. A 6-bike Slot-in or a 5 bike Vertical? Fine. The only limitation being that a Vertical bike shed requires a tall-ish fence to stand beside. The main issue with back gardens being the fact that the bikes need carting through the house or down the side return or back gate.

We have designed our ranges to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to be in full control of how and where you store your bikes. The fact that they look good and last for years is a pre-requisite of course, but every space is different and we aim to make cycle storage as flexible and enjoyable as we possibly can.

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